Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself ~ Part 2

~ Energy & Matter ~

In the first part of this series I looked at how there is a subconscious program running us when we are not paying conscious attention, and being consciously directive with our attention and energy. In this second part I will explore the subject of matter, or the material world, and energy.

Dr. Joe points out that energy creates matter, and that matter actually is energy, just at a very slowed frequency as Einstein stated. If we look at our bodies from a quantum physics perspective, we are way more energy than matter. We can simply start from the level of the atom and see that the atom is .00000001% matter and 99.99999999% space (and at the sub-atomic level even that small amount of matter is seen to be energy). The atom is not a fixed thing; it is a whirling vortex of energy. When two or more atoms come together, they create a molecule. The space to matter ratio has not changed, but now the “space” of the atoms are a shared “space.” Within this space is a field of energy and information. The molecule has an energy field of shared information from two or more of the atoms in its structure.

When molecules bond together, they create chemicals. These chemicals still share the same ratio of space to matter, but contained within their energy field is more information and energy from the collection of molecules. And on it goes, a collection of chemicals forms organelles, collections of organelles form cells, collections of cells form the tissues of the body, all with their own energy field signatures from the shared information. A collection of tissues forms our organs, a collection of organs forms our organ systems. The collection of organ systems forms our bodies. We each have our own energy fields surrounding our bodies, which is an expression of the shared space and information of all the atoms, molecules, chemicals, organelles, cells, tissues, organs, organ systems of our bodies.

This is a crucial understanding to see that we are more space than matter, and that we are an energy field, or a field of information and energy that has manifested a physical form. We are energy first, matter second. The energy/space is primary in other words. All this despite feeling so physical! When we feel the solid feeling of our bodies making contact with the hard surface of a chair for example, we are actually feeling the tornado-like energy vortices of the atoms that make up our bodies and likewise of the chair. This answers the question, “If we are more space than matter, how come we feel so physical, so material?”

In our culture, we are deeply conditioned to believe more in matter than energy. And this is primarily where we are placing our attention in our lives, in the matter, “outer” level of reality. Yet, if we contemplate that we are vastly more space than matter, doesn’t some curiosity arise as to what this space is? And wouldn’t it make sense to give it some attention?

The perennial wisdom traditions have called this space – spirit, the eternal, the now, presence, the god within, universal intelligence, satchianada, breath, Brahmin, the unified field, etc. And a main theme in meditative practices has been to shift our attention from the macro (or gross) level of our experience, to the micro (or subtle), for replenishment, for healing, and for awakening to our essential selves, which are beyond space and time.

Of course the world of form is dazzling, captivating, alluring (especially our problems!) and would happily receive all of our attention for the whole of our lives. Don’t expect the world of form to release you! Meaning, don’t expect there to be a sudden gap in things clamoring for your attention, to be willing to turn within to explore this space/energy and temporarily leave the world of form behind.

And no one has ever described this process as easy since we have been deeply conditioned to pay attention to people, places, things, events, and most grippingly our thoughts. To set all of this aside to notice and pay attention to the “no thing” of space requires some real commitment. And the most potent commitment comes from a sense of inspiration and desire to know ourselves beyond our form, self-definitions and identity. The interesting irony is that if we are willing to go within, to turn our attention to this vast, formless space, when we return to our senses of this world, the forms simmer with a brightness previously not seen. It is this invisible field of energy and information that is animating all of life.

In the next part, I will be exploring the many benefits of giving our attention to this space/energy.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to notice space periodically throughout the day. You might find this to be a huge relief to your body and mind!