Body Wisdom

Through my journey of awakening to fully assume responsibility for my health, I have learned to turn more and more to the wisdom within my body.  Our bodies’ innate healing capacity is one of the most overlooked power sources in our lives. Our culture of externalized medical authority has us generally looking elsewhere for answers to our health issues. If there is one thing I could change about what we teach kids regarding our bodies, it would be to honor, (maybe even worship!) our capacity to self-regulate and return to health after assault or injury and to do whatever we can to support our own innate healing capacity.

Our bodies are constantly seeking a state of health, balance, optimization. Of this we can trust and relearn how to lean in to when needed. If we experience any upset in our bodies, what we are experiencing is the expression of our bodies trying to self-correct. Every ache, pain, sniffle, discomfort is our body signaling that it is in the process of making something right again from some kind of challenge.

What if we could be curious and turn towards these communications with interest and possibly the question of how we could support the process our body is undergoing? Often enough I just want the discomfort to go away! If I am busy, focused on other things, and feel short on time, I can experience a communication from my body as an inconvenience.

But this is the most vital feedback signaling system doing its magic. This is universal intelligence communicating. This is wisdom speaking. Can I turn to the wise woman within and listen?

There are so many factors affecting us everyday. The foods we are eating, our physical routines, the toxins we might be exposed to from the air, water, products or foods we use or consume. Additionally, our emotional experience can have a major influence on our nervous system and hormone production or suppression. This listening is not necessarily going to produce a one-to-one relationship, such as
those cookies I ate caused me to have a bellyache. No, we are much more complex. And we are maturing out of the scientific model that seeks to isolate individual factors to identify simple cause and effect links.

When I trust that what my body is conveying is valuable to me (even if inconvenient) and am willing to open to this communication, then there is the possibility of fully utilizing the wisdom within and partnering with my body in its eternal movement towards health and balance.

Wishing you a lifetime of deep listening,