The boutique that speaks to the heart.

All things comfortable, elegant, whimsical, and practical in an environment of comfort, inspiration, nurturance and joy.

  • Comfort

    We strive to provide a beautiful, nurturing, and welcoming environment ~ an environment that conveys a deep appreciation for each individual, and their uniquely personal need for comfort and creative self-expression.

  • Inspiration

    Fashion, to us, is finding authentic individual expression in clothing and accessories. We look forward to assisting you, as you explore new possibilities for self-expression; and to providing some inspired new ways to update the look that speaks to you. 

  • Courage

    Sometimes our critical self-assessment, and deficient body image, rise to the surface while facing ourselves in the mirror. We are very sensitive to the delicacy of this process; and gladly offer our support and expertise throught the process.