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Why I love the Urban Monk ~

You know you love a book when you tell everyone you speak to on any subject, about the book you are reading. This is what has happened for me reading the Urban Monk. I have also said that the author is generally addressing someone younger than me, which I am super happy about, but I have still gotten plenty out of the book and think you would too, regardless of age.

Pedram Shojai is comprehensively looking at our modern life and supporting the reader in getting an integrated grip on directing one’s destiny with wisdom and insight. He covers most aspects of life and is very impassioned about empowering the individual to wake up to our moment to moment choices in how we live so that we have the best energy possible, the clearest cognition possible, and the greatest heart connection possible in an on-going way through smart lifestyle practices.

Much of what Shojai speaks of in the book is familiar to me, but I still find powerful his punchy, “you can do it and it is totally worth doing” approach. He pulls so many aspects of life together and demonstrates how everything is interconnected. There is no aspect of our life that operates in isolation.

For instance, a simple food choice could be amping up the hormone cortisol which amplifies the stress response which leads to us feeling disconnected and disempowered which leads to us making the next poor choice in terms of our energy management because we aren’t thinking clearly as a result of this biochemical response.

Or taking the time in the afternoon when your energy might be dipping, to do some invigorating exercise (10 squats with deep breathing) allows you to reset your energy meter and not reach for that next coffee or sweet thing in order to get you through, which leads to greater energy balance, a clearer mind that just got oxygenated, and a more optimistic outlook because your nervous system got soothed instead of jolted.

There is a popular term used now in the field of human potential and health optimization which is “biohacking.” This term is taken from the computer processing field to mean looking closely at how a system is operating and making changes to “decode” how the system functions, finding the best possible pathways for efficiency, strength, power and security. Biohacking, as I understand it, refers to this close study of oneself to really notice how all of the external factors (food, lifestyle, environmental influences of all kinds) and internal factors (our biological functioning, genetics, metabolism, and our thought/emotional habits) are leading towards greater energy and balance or towards weakness and disharmony. It is this intimacy with how all these factors are influencing each of us that allows us to make really wise choices for ourselves. And to keep focused on our most important vision for our life.

Shojai’s book is fun, empowering, and definitely a wake up call to step out of the cultural malaise of the habitual life.

Shojai is younger than I am and I can feel how his ability to slice through so much conditioning with clarity, vigor and love is so hopeful for the generations that follow mine. This is a book I want everyone, young, old and anywhere in between, to read.

Yes, we are selling his book, so if you are so drawn, please come in for your copy!

As always, wishing you a life of peace, joy and fulfillment.



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