Reconnecting For Our Future

blog_3For the past two years, I have gone through an incredible personal metamorphosis while in graduate school at Naropa University, receiving an MA in Transpersonal Ecopsychology.  My mind has been exposed to the well of environmental devastation happening around the globe and how it greatly impacts the individual and social human being.  My passion is to guide others towards rekindling their connection to nature, as a means to learn of the abundant wisdom surrounding us all in every moment, and with the hope they are inspired to travel a path of least harm.

Related to my graduate work, and as a natural effect of following my passion, this upcoming event is an offering. It is a   response to the anxiety and despair we experience from learning about various social, economic, and environmental devastation happening in our local and global communities, as well as in our personal lives. Belfast Transition is an organization dedicated to addressing these concerns, and building local community resilience through an integrated head, hands, and heart approach.
I hope you will join with me if you feel so moved.