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Coyote Moon was opened in June of 1989 by Michelle Walker (that’s me) with a bank loan and all of my savings. I had a dream of connecting my working life with my passion for the development of human potential. I wouldn’t have put it like that at the time (I was 26). I just knew I had a longing to be spiritually connected with my work, and wanted to be part of the healing of our human wounds, personally and collectively. My friends encouraged me to sell clothing because it was obvious to them that it was a love of mine.

A new business model emerged from the years of exploring healing, personal development, and spirituality.  The foundation of this business is circular, rather than hierarchical, with the well-being of every staff person and customer at its center.

I am blessed to have an amazing staff
characterized by people who are committed not only to doing their best possible work, but who are also committed to expanding their awareness.  This workplace is indeed a learning environment, where self-discovery is valued as an essential contribution to strengthening the whole. The result is that everyone who works at the store generously offers her unique gifts and talents. Coyote Moon is really a composite of our collective creative energy. So much love is poured forth to create a welcoming and inspiring environment in the spirit of empowering everyone who walks through our door.